How Powerful Should A Commercial Lawnmower Be?

How Powerful Should A Commercial Lawnmower Be?

When it comes to proper lawn maintenance, choosing the right lawnmower is important. Choosing a commercial lawnmower will give your lawn a more professional and healthier look as time goes on. But what makes a commercial mower different from a residential lawnmower?

When you need the commercial lawnmowers

Commercial lawn mowers are mainly used for lawn services .One of the many differences between a regular lawnmower and a commercial lawnmower is durability. Due to the quality parts from the engine to the blades, commercial lawnmower parts are of higher quality and will last much longer than a residential lawn mower. Increase in horsepower is also another feature of a commercial lawn mower. Another difference is that commercial lawnmowers are used almost every day compared to residential lawnmowers, which is why they have high quality parts to withstand the constant usage. Some of these high quality parts include:

  • Housing and Wheels
  • Carburetor
  • Air filter
  • Lubrication system
  • Cutting Implements

The need for commercial lawnmowers

Due to its many complex parts, commercial mowers are also more expensive than residential lawnmowers. Selecting a residential lawnmower is a good decision if you mow your lawn a few times a week for short periods of time. Commercial lawnmowers on the other hand are designed to sustain heavy routines that last for longer periods of time. Commercial lawnmowers are used up to 2-20 times a day and they also mow faster. Because of these features, they can cover a large field area, such as those used in sports. They can easily deal with the rough terrain filled with weeds and rocks.

Things you should know about the commercial lawnmowers

It’s easy to understand why majority of homeowners may spend money on a residential lawn mower rather than a commercial one. From the onset, the price tag of a commercial lawn mower may seem like a bad investment, however, if your lawn needs constant maintenance a few days a week for more than one hour, then a commercial lawn mower may be what it needs. Rough terrain may end up ruining your residential lawn mower due it’s lack of high quality parts required for the job. Instead, they end up becoming a burden the user.


In terms of durability, endurance and quality features, a commercial lawn mower is your best option. However, if you use your lawnmower a few times each week for 1 hour or less, then a residential lawn mower will do much fine.