How Often A Large Lawn Should Be Fertilized

Your lawn should be cared and groomed. Proper application of water and fertilizer are the two things you must master the tricks to avoid killing the grasses. This is where most home and business owners get it wrong in their lawn maintenance. The need for fertilization in your lawn cannot be overemphasized. You must figure out the right time to apply the fertilizer and the right kind of fertilizer to apply to make your grasses healthy and green. If you have been battling with these things, you should not worry as the opportunity is made available for you here.

Find Out The Number Of Time To Apply Fertilizer

Your understanding of the fertilizer application will make it easy to groom your grasses well. The professionals and trained experts recommend  fertilizing the lawn four times per year. To make sure that the fertilizer nourish and improve the health of the grasses, you must select the right application. So, organic fertilizer is the best for those that want to groom the grasses in their lawn. More so, the mode of application is another thing to learn about fertilization. Slow-release is the secret to getting green grasses in your lawn.

When to begin fertilization on the lawn

When you have already understand the number of times to apply the fertilizer, another thing is to learn the right time to start the application.  It is advised that you apply the fertilizer at the beginning of the season. The best mode of fertilization is when the grasses start to grow.

Why you should fertilize your lawn after every six weeks

When the grasses in the lawn begins to grow, the grasses require more nutrients. If you are making  use of the auto sprinkling system, it is advised that you fertilize the lawn within six weeks. If you do not have sprinkling system it is advised to wait for added two weeks after fertilizing the lawn the first time.

The dangers of over application of fertilizer on the lawn

Over fertilization of your lawn can result to high danger. It can result to the death of your grasses. Some of the dangers associated with the excess fertilization include:

  • The runoff of the fertilizer will pollute the local streams around
  • Excess fertilizer will burn the grass, which can turn the grass brown
  • Excess fertilization can result to over spending.


You can now use the right fertilizing method to avoid causing problem to your lawn. It is what you need to ensure your lawn continued to look nourished and improve.