The Reasons That Lawns Should Be Dethatched

Lawn dethatching is necessary for various reasons. It is the service carried out at the earlier stage. More so, the job is done at the active growth period when the lawn soil is still somehow moist. The same way with aeration, the lawn dethatch is done once a year. It is also done in the same period of the year as the aeration. The end of spring to the beginning of summer is usually the right time to dethatch the lawn. That is mostly after mowing for the grasses that do well during the warm season.

There are various reasons the lawn is dethatched and some of these reasons include:

Make sure the grasses get enough watch, nutrients, and air

When there is a thatch layer in the lawn, it can deprive the grasses of getting the nutrients, water, and other essentials they need to grow and remain healthy and green. Depriving the grasses, trees, and plants’ air, water, and nutrients can make them turn brown and possibly die. So, the number one reason for dethatching is to provide the roots with an adequate supply of nutrients, air, and water.

Dethatch to remove the infestation in your law

When you want to give the grasses in the lawn to remain thick and green, one thing you need is dethatching. This offers the same benefits as aeration, which is made to help the plants get water and air. You will be sure of removing the thatch that can promote insect infestation, which is not good for your lawn. So, you need to carry out this activity once a year to make sure that insects do not find reasons to eat up the grasses, plants, and trees.

Prevent lawn disease by dethatching

Thatch can give room to different lawn diseases. But, you can prevent these diseases from coming by dethatching. This is the service required to keep the lawn free from any form of paste and insects that can damage the grasses and plants.

Dethatch your lawn to ensure smooth mowing

Thatches and patches in your lawn can build up to thick layers, which can become spongy over time. When these spongy layers are allowed to remain in your lawn, it can make it difficult to achieve smooth and even lawn mowing. Therefore, if you want to achieve a perfect and smooth height on your lawn, you should make sure that you dethatch as regularly as required.