The Uses And Benefits Of Hydroseeding

Lawn care can be exceptionally difficult due to the natural forces that may keep getting in the way. Erosion could be a potential obstacle if not treated immediately, which is why using traditional sod is a good way to prevent soil erosion. However, using sod is limited and quite expensive, which makes hydroseeding the best alternative. 

What is hydroseeding? This is also called hydraulic mulch seeding. It is a way of planting seed over a large area. It involves adding a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer mulch and soil additives to a tank, then applying it to the soil using a spray with a hose. Most times, it is a technique used to control erosion on construction sites and roadways. It is often used to cover large areas. Some of the benefits include:

The benefits and uses of Hydroseeding you need to know

There are a lot of benefits associated with hydroseeding that made it necessary for every homeowner. It is the service that can make it easy for you to transform your property into a beautiful ambiance. From soil erosion to beautification of the commercial and residential property, the uses and benefits of hydraulic seeding are too numerous to mention. Some of the benefits associated with the service you need to know include:

Cheaper Price

When it comes to saving money and getting the desired result, hydroseeding seems to be the most cost effective method compared to traditional methods. The traditional hand sewn lawn takes about 12hours to complete, whereas hydroseeding can be completed in 1hr. All this occurs while having better results, including effective germination of grasses and better soil composure.

Wider coverage

Hydroseeding has the ability to cover larger and more difficult areas compared to traditional methods, including slopes or hard seeding and this makes it the perfect choice for wider coverage.


The slurry often used in hydroseeding is non-toxic and will not contaminate your environment, children and lawn. It does not leave behind any permanent stains on vehicles and houses. It is also a good solution for growing grass faster and efficiently.


Hydroseeding is much faster than other methods in several aspects. Since spraying the slurry is extremely easy and conventional, this makes the process of spreading seeds at least twice as fast than other techniques.


Now you know of a better, cheaper and faster way to make your lawn more presentable. Hydroseeding is non- toxic to the environment and is quick to apply, which makes it suitable for crucial interventions.