The Uses And Benefits Of Hydroseeding

Lawn care can be exceptionally difficult due to the natural forces that may keep getting in the way. Erosion could be a potential obstacle if not treated immediately, which is why using traditional sod is a good way to prevent soil erosion. However, using sod is limited and quite expensive, which makes hydroseeding the best alternative. 

What is hydroseeding? This is also called hydraulic mulch seeding. It is a way of planting seed over a large area. It involves adding a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer mulch and soil additives to a tank, then applying it to the soil using a spray with a hose. Most times, it is a technique used to control erosion on construction sites and roadways. It is often used to cover large areas. Some of the benefits include:

The benefits and uses of Hydroseeding you need to know

There are a lot of benefits associated with hydroseeding that made it necessary for every homeowner. It is the service that can make it easy for you to transform your property into a beautiful ambiance. From soil erosion to beautification of the commercial and residential property, the uses and benefits of hydraulic seeding are too numerous to mention. Some of the benefits associated with the service you need to know include:

Cheaper Price

When it comes to saving money and getting the desired result, hydroseeding seems to be the most cost effective method compared to traditional methods. The traditional hand sewn lawn takes about 12hours to complete, whereas hydroseeding can be completed in 1hr. All this occurs while having better results, including effective germination of grasses and better soil composure.

Wider coverage

Hydroseeding has the ability to cover larger and more difficult areas compared to traditional methods, including slopes or hard seeding and this makes it the perfect choice for wider coverage.


The slurry often used in hydroseeding is non-toxic and will not contaminate your environment, children and lawn. It does not leave behind any permanent stains on vehicles and houses. It is also a good solution for growing grass faster and efficiently.


Hydroseeding is much faster than other methods in several aspects. Since spraying the slurry is extremely easy and conventional, this makes the process of spreading seeds at least twice as fast than other techniques.


Now you know of a better, cheaper and faster way to make your lawn more presentable. Hydroseeding is non- toxic to the environment and is quick to apply, which makes it suitable for crucial interventions.

How Powerful Should A Commercial Lawnmower Be?

How Powerful Should A Commercial Lawnmower Be?

When it comes to proper lawn maintenance, choosing the right lawnmower is important. Choosing a commercial lawnmower will give your lawn a more professional and healthier look as time goes on. But what makes a commercial mower different from a residential lawnmower?

When you need the commercial lawnmowers

Commercial lawn mowers are mainly used for lawn services .One of the many differences between a regular lawnmower and a commercial lawnmower is durability. Due to the quality parts from the engine to the blades, commercial lawnmower parts are of higher quality and will last much longer than a residential lawn mower. Increase in horsepower is also another feature of a commercial lawn mower. Another difference is that commercial lawnmowers are used almost every day compared to residential lawnmowers, which is why they have high quality parts to withstand the constant usage. Some of these high quality parts include:

  • Housing and Wheels
  • Carburetor
  • Air filter
  • Lubrication system
  • Cutting Implements

The need for commercial lawnmowers

Due to its many complex parts, commercial mowers are also more expensive than residential lawnmowers. Selecting a residential lawnmower is a good decision if you mow your lawn a few times a week for short periods of time. Commercial lawnmowers on the other hand are designed to sustain heavy routines that last for longer periods of time. Commercial lawnmowers are used up to 2-20 times a day and they also mow faster. Because of these features, they can cover a large field area, such as those used in sports. They can easily deal with the rough terrain filled with weeds and rocks.

Things you should know about the commercial lawnmowers

It’s easy to understand why majority of homeowners may spend money on a residential lawn mower rather than a commercial one. From the onset, the price tag of a commercial lawn mower may seem like a bad investment, however, if your lawn needs constant maintenance a few days a week for more than one hour, then a commercial lawn mower may be what it needs. Rough terrain may end up ruining your residential lawn mower due it’s lack of high quality parts required for the job. Instead, they end up becoming a burden the user.


In terms of durability, endurance and quality features, a commercial lawn mower is your best option. However, if you use your lawnmower a few times each week for 1 hour or less, then a residential lawn mower will do much fine.

Why It’s A Bad Idea For Businesses To Do Their Own Lawn Care

For your landscaping, snow removal, or lawn care services, you need a group of trained experts.

Why can’t you do it yourself?

Well, one way to ensure effective business management is to maintain good cash flow. To maintain adequate cash flow in your business, you have to plan your expenses well. Lawn care may seem simple, but it is a service reserved for trained and experienced lawn experts. Trying to manage your lawn as a business to avoid excessive spending will actually result in more spending. There are more reasons why it is a bad idea for businesses to care for the lawn instead of hiring experts for the job.

Lack Of Adequate Equipment To Ensure Proper Care For Your Lawn

Caring for your lawns requires tech improved equipment. So, when your business handles its lawn care without adequate equipment, it may not end well. Also, acquiring equipment for your lawn management is capital intensive. Instead of spending money to get the equipment and hire the team that will handle the care, it is best to save the money and employ a commercial lawn manager to handle the job.

Lawn Care Requires The Service Of Experienced Team

Since your business is on the core part of its activities, there is no need to use an inexperienced team for lawn care. Instead of using your staff who are possibly inexperienced in caring for law, it would be better to use the experienced team working with the commercial law company. Working with an experienced commercial law management company will make it easy to get quality service to meet your needs.

Lawn Management require extreme stress 

No good manager will like to overstress its workers. That is one reason you should not impose the work of lawn management on your workers. It is the job that can result in extreme stress on the inexperienced folks. But by hiring the right team for the job.

Some other reasons businesses should not handle their lawn care

There are many other reasons to avoid managing your lawn as a business owner. Some of these reasons you need to know include:

  • You will consume more time to handle the job
  • There is an 80% failure rate in the businesses that handle their lawn
  • Spend more money to do little
  • Low efficiency in lawn management.


Productivity and efficiency may be difficult to attain in your business when you take over the demanding lawn service. That is why you need the service of trained lawn experts to handle your jour job the right way.

How Often A Large Lawn Should Be Fertilized

Your lawn should be cared and groomed. Proper application of water and fertilizer are the two things you must master the tricks to avoid killing the grasses. This is where most home and business owners get it wrong in their lawn maintenance. The need for fertilization in your lawn cannot be overemphasized. You must figure out the right time to apply the fertilizer and the right kind of fertilizer to apply to make your grasses healthy and green. If you have been battling with these things, you should not worry as the opportunity is made available for you here.

Find Out The Number Of Time To Apply Fertilizer

Your understanding of the fertilizer application will make it easy to groom your grasses well. The professionals and trained experts recommend  fertilizing the lawn four times per year. To make sure that the fertilizer nourish and improve the health of the grasses, you must select the right application. So, organic fertilizer is the best for those that want to groom the grasses in their lawn. More so, the mode of application is another thing to learn about fertilization. Slow-release is the secret to getting green grasses in your lawn.

When to begin fertilization on the lawn

When you have already understand the number of times to apply the fertilizer, another thing is to learn the right time to start the application.  It is advised that you apply the fertilizer at the beginning of the season. The best mode of fertilization is when the grasses start to grow.

Why you should fertilize your lawn after every six weeks

When the grasses in the lawn begins to grow, the grasses require more nutrients. If you are making  use of the auto sprinkling system, it is advised that you fertilize the lawn within six weeks. If you do not have sprinkling system it is advised to wait for added two weeks after fertilizing the lawn the first time.

The dangers of over application of fertilizer on the lawn

Over fertilization of your lawn can result to high danger. It can result to the death of your grasses. Some of the dangers associated with the excess fertilization include:

  • The runoff of the fertilizer will pollute the local streams around
  • Excess fertilizer will burn the grass, which can turn the grass brown
  • Excess fertilization can result to over spending.


You can now use the right fertilizing method to avoid causing problem to your lawn. It is what you need to ensure your lawn continued to look nourished and improve.

How A Homeowners Association Pays To Maintain HOA Property

Living in the community controlled by the House Owners Association has both upsides and downsides. So, you must be ready to accept whichever one that come your way. But the truth is that the reputation of HOA has been complicated for a lot of reasons. The problems caused by the HOA ranges from unnecessary legal battle to stifling the freedom of homeowners. You will learn more about the homeowners association and their fees when you read to the end of this article.

A look at the HOA Fees

The homeowners association frees comes monthly, and it is paid by landlords within the same community. The reason for the HOF fees is to maintain all the properties, the common areas, amenities within the community where the associate reside. The HOA is affected by a lot of factors and that depend on the community. So, before you move into any HOA community, take time to check through the fees and how the monthly dues will favor you as a house owner.

Some of the things covered under the HOA fees

All the homeowners association communities are not the same. So, when you go about looking for a house, you should weigh the options available to know the one that will meet your needs. Make sure you figure out the regulations and rules guiding the HOA community  you want to go to. That is what you need to avoid spending more money as a landlord. You can figure out the charges and dues available for you to pay when find house within the HOA community.

The city service HOA and Insurance fees

The city services fee is used for civil amenities, water removal, trash removal, swage management. These bills are taken over by the HOA, giving the home owners an opportunity to pay lesser bills than those living in a none HOA environment. It is what you need. The homeowners association also take it upon themselves to pay insurance fees.

Lawn care and pest control by the HOA

The cost of lawn removal and pest control is taken over by the homeowners association. The removes the burden of the tenant trying to care for the lawn in the public area of the estate or the condo.  Pest control will not be a problem when you find a house in the area controlled by the HOA.

Take time to confirm the way HOA Pays for maintenance of their properties.

The Reasons That Lawns Should Be Dethatched

Lawn dethatching is necessary for various reasons. It is the service carried out at the earlier stage. More so, the job is done at the active growth period when the lawn soil is still somehow moist. The same way with aeration, the lawn dethatch is done once a year. It is also done in the same period of the year as the aeration. The end of spring to the beginning of summer is usually the right time to dethatch the lawn. That is mostly after mowing for the grasses that do well during the warm season.

There are various reasons the lawn is dethatched and some of these reasons include:

Make sure the grasses get enough watch, nutrients, and air

When there is a thatch layer in the lawn, it can deprive the grasses of getting the nutrients, water, and other essentials they need to grow and remain healthy and green. Depriving the grasses, trees, and plants’ air, water, and nutrients can make them turn brown and possibly die. So, the number one reason for dethatching is to provide the roots with an adequate supply of nutrients, air, and water.

Dethatch to remove the infestation in your law

When you want to give the grasses in the lawn to remain thick and green, one thing you need is dethatching. This offers the same benefits as aeration, which is made to help the plants get water and air. You will be sure of removing the thatch that can promote insect infestation, which is not good for your lawn. So, you need to carry out this activity once a year to make sure that insects do not find reasons to eat up the grasses, plants, and trees.

Prevent lawn disease by dethatching

Thatch can give room to different lawn diseases. But, you can prevent these diseases from coming by dethatching. This is the service required to keep the lawn free from any form of paste and insects that can damage the grasses and plants.

Dethatch your lawn to ensure smooth mowing

Thatches and patches in your lawn can build up to thick layers, which can become spongy over time. When these spongy layers are allowed to remain in your lawn, it can make it difficult to achieve smooth and even lawn mowing. Therefore, if you want to achieve a perfect and smooth height on your lawn, you should make sure that you dethatch as regularly as required.